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About Us

Who are we?

Here at Spartan War Games, we pride ourselves in having family values and making great friendships with Halo fans from around the globe. Everyone has their own unique personality which make the community the best place to hang out. Here are some profile's you can expect to meet within the community and the role they play!

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Community Founder/Owner

b a m b i i xox.jpg

Name: b a m b i ixox

Role in Community: Founder/Cortana Enthusiast

Why did you join the community?: I could never find people to play Grifball with on MCC when it first came out, so I decided to make a group to play custom games and also make them play Grifball with me lol.. I never expected it to grow as much as it has!

Quote: There's been so many.. "excuse me, oh, would you like to go past?", "Girth, your horn is showing", "the Forerunner Flying Device".


Name: Mr Girthzilla

Role in Community: Community Owner/Friendly Local Viking & Meme-lord 


Why did you join the community?: I was once browsing Facebook for some Halo groups after I disbanded from a Toxic gaming community and falling out with the admins. While I was browsing I saw someone from my friend list comment on a post on a group called "Halo Custom Games" and it was in response to someone by the name of "b a m b i ixox" asking for people to play Grifball with. Little did I know this was a small community of a few people playing Grifball weekly.


I soon realised what had happened, since we grew on Facebook and slowly became a community that would host and live stream events under our new brand "Spartan War Games". I've been playing alongside and slowly climbing up the ranks for over 6 years, I've had the pleasure of speaking and playing with Halo players around the world. I've also been able to meet some of them in real life at events or social gatherings and treat all of my online buddies as if they're my real friends.


I can proudly say that I now look after the brand and make sure the community lives on. Spartan War games has made me realise that family is important and the community is my family. I have had many ups and downs, but always put my online friends and community first. We have truly made something great and I hope it lives on. Big shout out to b a m b i ixox for helping me get to the position I'm in now with the community. I will now toast with my tankard of ale like a true Viking in honor. Skol! Spartan War Games - A Halo Community

Quote: "Hey Marc, check #meme-chat to see a photo of a frog using his hyperdrive". & "The Earth is Gender Neutral".

Copy of hi_e319_bspk_goforth_wtrmk-1920x

Community Admins


Name: WARSTORM1997

Role in Community: Administrator/Middle Aged Italian Woman 


Why did you join the community?: I joined the community back in 2015 hoping to find friends to play Halo with. It's 2020 as I'm writing this and I can say I'm glad to be going into Infinite with some great people thanks to this community


Trinidad Demon.png

Name: Trinidad Demon

Role in Community: Administrator/MCC Wednesday Host/Resident Mexican


Why did you join the community?: I joined the community in order to make new friends for halo 5 that can last pretty much a lifetime. I remember the Facebook group being called HaloCustomGames since it was primarily for grifball. This community grew on me, normally it was usually one person starting to host the gamenights then I volunteered to help out by hosting gamenights. I felt as if that was the cause of us doing the custom games community thing running much more frequently. It soon became bigger with us using discord, playing all the halo games whilst branching out to other people. While we had a few bumpy roads, we knew that we were going to become something special, and with +400 members, this has became a wild ride. Now thinking back, I think that joining this community was meant to see how things would be going for in the future and what great adventures we can have.

Quote: "I now promote you double Mexican......TRIPLE MEXICAN."

Copy of hi_e319_bspk_aringvista_ots1_wtr

Community Event Staff/Discord Moderators

Logan The Gwar.jpg

Name: Logan The Gwar

Role in Community: Moderator/Monday Madness Host/Tesco Clubcard enthusiast.


Why did you join the community?: Halo was the first game I ever played on my original Xbox. I grew up with Halo and to get the chance to relive all of the Halo games through this community is fantastic, whether it's co-op campaign, crazy custom game lobbies or jumping online to reach my daily T-Bag quota.

Quote: "Never drink in a pub with a flat roof" & "NUT".


Name: Navisiul97

Role in Community: Moderator/Local Portorican Spaghetti Lover


Why did you join the community?: I joined just after moving far from home and looking for other Halo players to have fun with.

Quote: "Warstorm owes me French Fries".

Copy of Copy of hi_stinger_hologramexplo

Community Content Creators


Name: TCWV2004

Role in Community: Content Creator

Why did you join the community?: I turned up to a few gamenights from a partner community, but I stayed because SWG is very friendly and set up professionally which makes chilling with them fun.

Quote: "The road isn't over until the end, so don't stop walking it".

KILLER 9639.jpg

Name: KILLER 9639

Role in Community: Community Member/Community Dumb-ass


Why did you join the community?: Because I like Halo.

Quote: "Halo is like a grilled cheese sandwich. Sometimes its the best thing ever and other times you get killed by a tart with a plasma pistol".

Copy of hi_e319_bspk_goforth_wtrmk-1920x

Community Members


Name: BuddyDaBarTendr

Role in Community: Coummunity Member/Halo Photographer/Video Editor/Mr Machinima


Why did you join the community?: “I enjoy a good halo custom game, what better way to do so than joining”

Quote: “If creativity kills me then so be it. But don’t say that went down so easy”


Name: Arsenic749216

Role in Community: Community Member/The Taff


Why did you join the community?: I joined to not only have a bit of fun on a Saturday night but to also engage in the Halo community, to feel apart of something great and to meet new and interesting people, which is what Spartan War Games offers. I was also interested in the variety the community offered in terms of game sessions, with Monday Madness, Warzone Wednesday and Saturday night game night being the main three events of the week. However this very special community expands beyond that to other games as well making it a perfect place for all gamers to enjoy!


As you can see, we have a variety of different personalities that make Spartan War Games the best community to be part of. Want to join? Click on the button below!

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