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We do what we can to support other Halo communities, below are a list of communities we recommend all our members have a look at. Some of our regular event attendees come from these communities so check them out!


Halo dBot

Halo dBot Support: Just a simple support server for folks that have usage questions, ideas for new functionality, or just like to hang out with other nerdy people.


Most of the 100+ members are Server owners or admins of servers. eSports and possibly a undercover 343 employee may pop in from time to time.


The primary function of Halo dBot is for halo 5 personal and company stats. Tho it has many more abilities than that.

Gold Team Productions

Welcome to the official Gold Team Productions Discord server. Gtp is a fun place to chat, chill and talk with Generalkidd.


We have many features such as, leveling, role shop, Tatsumaki and music bots to dance your hips away with some groovy music.


The Mouldycabbage3 Community

The Mouldycabbage3 community is a laid back, Halo community server which caters for all types of people!


Whether your a gaming addict or a lore expert your welcome here!

Halo Création

Halo Création is a French-speaking community which emphasizes on fan creations based on the Halo universe (videos, images, fictions, props and so on) and creative ways of playing (tricking, speedruns). Oh, and don't worry about the "French-speaking" part, there's a translator bot to help breaking the language barrier!


Lovable Halo Addicts


Halo Lounge



Flash Community


and many more...

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