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A Halo Community

"Organizing the Halo community in one convenient place". - Blackwind121

Who is

The Spartan War Games Community is where you can talk to other Halo fans about Community Creations, Maps, Game Types, Halo Titles & more! 
Join our events and win prizes through our Discord!

We host multiple events weekly, including Monday Madness, Saturday Night Customs, Movie night & other cool events!

Take part for a chance to win Player of the Week where you could win a gold Req pack, courtesy of Spartan War Games.


Social Media

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to join and take part in our community.

Join our discord to get the most out of our community, talk about Halo Lore, Memes, share your Halo content, Halo Infinite hype chat, non-halo games and much more!


Spartan War Games is proud to be part of other communities, hosting events for their members and connecting them with other players.

Check out our partners and join other gaming communities we personally interact with.

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